two boys dance and the construction goes on
two girls shake and the queue to piss is long
oh lord, look at those legs!
ah they're very nice!
I hope he puts his head between them every night
ah very nice!
I hope he sleeps between them every night

at my window, I'm watching the modas go by
skipping my thoughts like a stone on the river oof ya!
eyvallah! check that hair!
it's ebonized but I think the one on the right she might be dyed
ağlamak istiyorum but it's from my crotch I want to cry

kid is crying in the stroller but the urchin on the street he sleeps sound
and everybody's tired of everybody pushin' each other around
jah jah would you check those eyes
ah they're piercing, they're cat swept
when I'm looking at hers, he's looking back at mine
tinge of curiousity, I look back at his, he's staring at the ground

youth of today, well it glistens with a boğaziçi glean
first and foremost, you should never lose that summer feeling
youth, with all the change and the sway that it brings
don't hold too tight, and never lose your right to spring
jesus christ of latter day saints
grammar nazis that we ain't
gonna take some time, check my mind, this sexual feeling, will to survive
smile akin, do your own thing, yürü kim tutar seni!

Gregory Dziedzic

Semiocity Services, Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse, Occitanie,