Beck and Call

ten drown on a summer day in Turkey
stoned men paid to wash a dust line
i'm laughing at nothing in particular
serving for a general crime

my wife was the fairest maid
she looked like the froth on the tide
but she lacked in animal grace
so i skinned for another hide

hide, hide, hide
don't hide away

come outside!

pardon me while i sit so near
tell you one thing that's on my mind
did you hear about the ampitheatre in İzmir?
under houses the whole fucking time

time, time, time
time awaits

don't calcify

some scratch and forty leer
a fun ticket for the coming ride
move along mr. officer
the moon will break you as sure as the tide

i met her on a ferry in the clear
we changed numbers with 'lectronic device
thin jokes poked the atmosphere
the sun was reaching for some calcium light

light, light, light
years away

in your run and in your crawl
i'll be singing this beck and call

Gregory Dziedzic

Semiocity Services, Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse, Occitanie,