a man
a lover of song
a man
he won't be for long
a man
those plans fly out
that door

a love
of infinite gesture (gesture)
a love
it won't be sequestered (sequestered)
a man
he is a man
no more

oh those cracked linoleum floors
lead to change
and most in this town
well they treat you strange
and what's worse
those who don't see you at all

a mind
alchemist of gender
so long
he's legally tender
and headed for some far off
distant shore

and those faded posters
of fighters in rings
the country doctor
"sure" he sings
and the sun
vanquishes all

trinidad is calling you tobago
trinidad is calling you tobago
trinidad is calling you colorado

(no man is an island, but many are peninsulas
no one is a rock, but many are islanders)

trinidad is calling you
so they go

and they gone, and they gone, and they gone and they went

Gregory Dziedzic

Semiocity Services, Saint-Cyprien, Toulouse, Occitanie,