Life in June!

"A cha-cha-cha with subtle political undertones.   PERV is İstanbul as seen through the filter of Roxy Music and The Jam.   The Young Shaven are poised to tackle Bakırköy and its many pet shops" - Yap Çap Çip Çok radio program

Finally!  Perv video available here.   It was described as..." a stripped down affair relying on the generosity of fellow kooks, and a temporarily out of work documentary crew, led by director Semih Hizal.  İt is illustrated in one long gorgeous shot at Kadikoy's Trip bar and relies on just a few props and an improvised choreography that is not unlike the band's live shows.  Even the bar dog plays natural, as the impish protagonist whispers and wakes (well tries to) the late night revelers.  İn mixing the private with the political, the song urges "Yürü kim tutar seni" (Walk, who can hold you back) over the piercing feedback of the outro guitar." 
The song itself ..."puts the to-do list to one side and takes some time out in Kadikoy, weaving snippets of street life into a horny internal monologue that tickles the head, heart and loins. The lyrical Joie de vivre, set against guitars that chime like tea glasses, remind us that Istanbul is still a city of love."  

Also announcing the release of the flipside "Nitecap".  - "the Mersey-beat lullaby Nitecap skips out of the speakers like an echo of John Lennon's lost weekend, inviting us under the duvet for a snooze in the buff.  The beautiful photograph on the front of the single release belongs to Gregory Dziedzic who specializes in visually harnessing the band's energy."  Greg is also the author of the website and it's possible you might see this image on a t-shirt very soon.

Speaking of very soon, the last shots of AM Darling Sun were taken last night, and without saying too much, the crew descended on Moda sahil armed with a broken piece of glass and a can of cat food in search of cinematic street dogs.   A short clip of exactly not that is available here.  The whole video was drunkenly promised in our hands on the 29th of this month.
İn May TYS took on the grand stage of İKSV along with a host of other İstanbul bands from the İstanbul Street Trash compilation evidence was exquisitely produced in the photographs of Burak Bayrak.
And this past weekend Semih Hizal (director of Perv) and crew shot the whole concert at Karga with Reptilians From Andromeda which will be released by Personal Space Records this summer!
What else?  The 7" of "Honeybabe" and "It's Gone To Stay" is pressed and on its way from Germany scheduled for release on Vintage Records at the end of August.
Life in June, hem de nasil! (indeed)

Let us lay beside you,