Basking in the glow!

Screenshot-2018-1-2 The Young Shaven Müjde Ar'dan Başkası Olmazdı - Bir Baba Indie.png

Words like these: “The Young Shaven doesn’t leave the audience alone, it creates a restlessness on purpose.  There is an uncanny quality to them, to Archie especially, as he can climb walls, holds on to the pipes and swing, plays dangerous games, sit on someone’s lap or plants a slow-motion kiss on an audience member’s cheek, while laying down in front of the audience and using ones feet as a pillow (a personal experience).  In short anything can happen, at anytime.” – Tuğçe Yapıcı, Bir Baba İndie

And “...repetitive melodies mixed with little nuances, cymbals mixed like ocean waves and Archie’s delivery of Honey Babe makes one feel in the right place.  The Young Shaven mix post-punk with Yeşilçam soul.” – Felat Delibalta, Rave Mag

These words continue to delight us, along with many others as we shift ourselves from tavern to tavern and soundengineer to soundengineer.  The quick and the dirty is this.  The A.M. Darling Sun video has been released over the summer months.  “From the get-go director KFMBDY throws you into the dystopian yet picturesque world of the band and their fans, fans of basement toilets, staircase musings, simple props, an underdog spirit, and of course the sun in all its givings and misgivings.  As bright as a post-card that has been torn into pieces and dropped from the roof of a car park.”   Also the 7” of Honey Babe/It’s Gone To Stay is now on the streets, accompanied by many glowing reviews (see above).  Finally on a personal note there has been yet another line-up change as we welcome the talented and very enthusiastic Orkan Bagatur into the TYS fold.