What a March Mash, still no Merch!


Busy days and busier nights for us in the first part of this year. Sometimes it feels like everyday is falling like sheets of rain at night, seemingly unseen and other days headlights slash and illuminate that same rain. (We are listening to the rain fall on glass as we type)  A video for "AM Darling Sun" is on its way courteousy of kfmbdny and will feature the denizens of Pendor Corner.  The same song was also selected to be on a compilation of İstanbul bands past and present "İstanbul Street Trash" out as of March 1st on PROF SNY Vinyl from Prague CZ.  We are delighted to add our song about the muse of an all-nighter to such an eclectic and driving mix.  The compilation also features Reptilians From Andromeda who we will be happily joining for a short tour of the Bosphorus with dates at Pendor (everyone's favorite little shoebox) on the 29th of April and Karga on the 3rd of June.  What else? We were committed to print (not once but twice this month) gracing the cover of both Şok and The Daily Sabah.  Kaya Genç, a renowned author was kind enough to put pen to paper and provide the headlights on a recent show at Pendor, while the raincoated Şok reporter ducked down an back alley of Kuçuk Beyoglu yelling "Kahpe Dunya".  And soon we will be releasing another single "NiteCap" and you can see a short clip for it here.  Also the 7" is set to be released before July with "Honey Babe" on the front and a cover of The Madgicians "İt's Gone To Stay" on the flip, originally produced by Toni Visconti.  The single will be out on Vintage Records and you can see a home made video for "Honey Babe" below made by the talented Cemre Eraslan (also our star in the AM Darling Sun video).  

To Live is To Fly - T.V. Zandt

Licked, washed, and combed,